Cover Letter Tips to Get You Hired

Cover Letters are the best way to stand out to a recruiter and increase your chances of landing an interview. Cover Letters give life to your job applications and although most people miss out on them, they can play an important role in getting you a job offer. Cover letters provide you with a chance to connect with the recruiter on a personal level and to explain your professional career and achievements directly.

CV is an important document but since it does not have a conversational tone, it cannot be used to talk about any additional requirements you would like to tell the recruiter. Including a cover letter in your job application will make you look dedicated and it would also elevate your position in the eyes of the recruiter. Writing a good cover letter requires a lot of practice and effort, here are some tips that will make your cover letter more attractive and impressive:

1. Match it with your CV:

The cover letter is a part of your job application so it should look coherent with the CV and not something that is very different. You can make sure your cover letter matches your CV by formatting it exactly the same. Make sure the font size, font style, and margin spaces are all kept the same as the CV. Your cover letter should look conservative and not too crammed with information. Keep it short and precise and avoid going into too much length about personal details.

2. Address the Recruiter by Name:

Writing a cover letter that is addressed “Dear Sir/Madam” or “To Whom It May Concern” is way in the past and does not really add any significance to your CV. However, according to professional cv writers in Pakistan, if you address the recruiter directly by their name, it can make a great impact. Job applications are about customization and personalization nowadays. If you do not know the name of the recruiter, you might be able to find it on the company’s website or on LinkedIn. You can also call the company’s HR department and ask them for the name of the recruiter. If you are still unable to find the recruiter’s name, you can just address the CV to the department head “Dear (department name) Head”. This will instantly make your cover letter more personalized.

3. Write a Tailored Cover Letter:

Make sure you write a new cover letter for each job you apply to as a general one will not cut it. Cover letters are supposed to be personalized and you cannot just use a single one for each type of job position. Your cover letter needs to be tailored to fit the position you are applying for as well as match your CV. Use the cover letter to explain what you can do for the company and how you will be a valuable asset. Also, do not just tell the recruiter what you can do, prove your point by providing an example of something similar that you have done along with its results. You can also explain how your abilities can help the company achieve its long-term goals and objectives.

4. Start with a Blast:

A lot of the recruiters will not have much time to read your cover letter from start to end so make sure you establish yourself as a qualified candidate from the start. Start your cover letter by mentioning all that you are good at and including power words in your first paragraph. You should also use this paragraph to tell the recruiter about your work experience and highlight your skills and qualifications. You can also include any key achievement that is most relevant to the job you are applying for. For example,

“As a highly capable Operations Manager with 10+ years of experience in administering and monitoring various projects to improve their progress, I am fully prepared to significantly contribute to your organization’s objectives and possess the ability, skills, and dedication required for this role.”

5. Do Not Repeat your CV:

Sure, a cover letter is supposed to expand on your CV but make sure you are not just repeating the whole information you have provided in the CV in your cover letter. Remember, a well-written CV lays out all your experience, education, skills, achievements, and qualifications. A cover letter is only supposed to expand on them, not rehash them in other words. A cover letter is supposed to be a pitch that you are making to the recruiter. You can make sure the cover letter is different from your CV by either discussing any of your previous job roles in detail that is most relevant to your target job or you can talk about how you can improve the operations of the company or resolve the problems the company is facing.

6. Show Some Personality:

According to professional cv writing services in Pakistan, your cover letter is supposed to help the recruiter learn what your personality is and how you will be in a professional environment. Instead of writing cliched and overused sentences like “I would like to express my sincerest interest in this position”, write about why you are personally interested in this job or working for this company. You can also showcase why you will be a good fit for the company and this can increase your chances of getting hired. But make sure you maintain a professional tone and do not show too much of your personality that it scares the recruiter away.

Including a cover letter in your job application gives you an advantage over other candidates but only if it is well-written. You can finish your cover letter by giving your contact information and saying that you look forward to hearing from them as some managers love the conviction. In the end, recheck your cover letter and proofread it before sending it attached to your CV in a single document so the recruiter does not miss it.