How to Write a Professional Federal CV

CVs are the most important document that can change your employment and career growth. By this time, we already know just how significant a CV is and how it needs to be created with utmost attention and effort so that it makes you stand out. But some CVs are a little more complex than others due to the nature of the job they used to apply for. One such type of CV is a federal CV. If you are planning to apply for a position with the federal government, you will have to submit a specialized CV. Federal CVs are a little more comprehensive and include several unique elements, in addition to having the traditional elements of the CV like work experience, contact information, and education.

If you are looking for how to write a Professional Federal CV? Well, this article will provide you with all the information you need to make the perfect federal CV that lands you an interview. But first, let us discuss what federal CVs actually are.

What are Federal CVs?

A federal CV is a comprehensive document that is required by the recruiter when you are applying for a job in a federal government agency. Federal CVs contain more specified information about yourself and your work history than a regular CV. According to professional CV writers in Pakistan, a federal CV also has a standard page limit; it has to be about 4 to 6 pages long although it cannot be shorter than 4 pages. The federal CV is tailored to fit the job position you are applying for whether it be federal hiring managers or human resources personnel. They include your qualifications, work experience, achievements, and personal details just like traditional CVs.

How to Write a Federal CV?

A federal CV requires additional details about your background experiences for vetting purposes. Unlike a traditional CV which can be one to two pages long, a federal resume has to be four to six pages long. A federal CV contains information such as your citizenship status, your previous salary, federal salary grade, and a lot of other things. These elements are required by the recruiters to help them assess you for a specific position and the government entity you are applying to.

Here are the central elements of a federal CV that you must include and pay attention to when writing a federal CV:

  • Provide your full detailed contact information
  • Include your current citizenship status
  • Identify your highest General Schedule (GS) grade.
  • Mention veterans’ preferences.
  • List your work experience.
  • Describe your education.
  1. Contact Information:

Fill this section the way you would on a traditional CV just make sure there are no mistakes. Write down your full name, current contact number, and email address. The thing which makes the contact information section of a federal CV from a regular one is that you will also have to include your postal address in the federal CV because it will assist with the vetting process.

2. Citizenship Status:

You have to be a U.S. citizen to work for federal government agencies but sometimes, there are some exceptions. Some jobs offer a little flexibility and you can work them while withholding a work visa. This is also mentioned in the job description so you can make sure whether you will be qualified for it or not. Include your citizenship status at the top so that it can be the first thing the recruiter sees.

3. GS Grade:

If you are currently employed in the federal government then you will have to include your highest GS grade in your CV. All the jobs in the federal government are graded via GS, General Schedule, to determine the individual’s pay rate and job responsibility. The GS scale goes up from 1 to 15 and there is a pay increase with each grade. You will also have to include your current salary range which will help the recruiter in assessing you.

4. Veteran Status:

It is not necessary to provide your veteran status in your federal CV, including your veteran status can help in promoting fair hiring. According to the Veterans’ Act, veterans qualify for a specific number of points based on their discharge status, service length, and some other stuff. So, if you have ever worked in the military, naval, or air force, it is best to mention your veteran status on your federal CV.

5. Work Experience:

Federal CVs require a detailed account of all the work you have done in the past 10 years. The section needs to be more informative and contain more details than it would in the traditional CV. You have to include the following things while describing each of your jobs:

  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Start and end date
  • Number of hours you worked per week
  • Daily job responsibilities and tasks
  • Name and contact information of your supervisor

6. Education:

Just like every other section, the education section will also contain more details and information on the federal CV. Include all the degrees and certifications that you hold and any special qualifications such as studying abroad or any advanced courses that you took. Include the following information for every degree:

  • Name of Organization
  • Degree Name (inc. majors and minors)
  • GPA
  • Completion date
  • Number of credit hours earned
  • Awards and honors
  • Professional societies memberships
  • Relevant publications, projects, or courses.

7. Additional Sections:

You can also add other relevant sections in the federal CV that you think will help the recruiter’s vetting. You can add any location preferences if the position you are applying for is open in multiple locations, this will help the recruiter as well as help you in getting posted somewhere that is easier for you. You can add any volunteer work that you have done, any language you have proficiency in, if you have affiliations with any organization, or if you have had any additional training.  

A federal CV is an extremely sensitive document and you must always fill it with correct information. You will also get help from thoroughly reading the job description section as it will tell you what the recruiter is expecting and what responsibilities you will have. You will also get to know what skills are relevant for this specific job and you must include in your CV. Make sure you proofread your CV and check for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. You can also take help from the professional CV writing services in Pakistan that offer professional federal CVs that check all the boxes. Making the perfect federal CV will require patience and attention but the result will be worth all the efforts you put in.