When to Use an Infographic CV

With competition on the rise, candidates are always searching for ways to stand out from the crowd and make an ever-lasting impression on the hiring managers. One of the many ways to do this is to create an infographic CV. CV, in general, is a significant part of any recruiting process since your CV introduces you to the hiring manager and reaches them before you do, it has to be top-notch. When it comes to the question of when you should be using an infographic CV, the answer is that “it depends”. On the type of job position, you are applying for, the company culture where you are applying, and your skills.

If you are not skilled enough to make an infographic CV and you apply with a sub-par one, then that will only reduce your chances of getting the job. Remember, an infographic CV has to be exceptional to make an impression, not just a template you took from the internet. However, if you do not have the required skills then you can hire any professional CV writing services in Pakistan and have the professionals make one for you.

What is an Infographic CV?

An infographic CV uses graphic elements to display your skills and make your qualifications stand out by using charts, graphs, and pictures. Traditional CVs are solely based on text, whereas infographic CVs use graphics, fonts, colors, and icons to showcase all your information. They are usually made in Photoshop or Illustrator. A picture of the candidate is also present in the infographic CV, albeit a professional picture. Visual information is easier to consume and also appealing to look at and this is why infographic CVs are becoming more and more in demand. Every infographic CV has a unique and distinct look and can make any candidate stand out. Let us discuss in which situations it is better to use an infographic CV:

When to Use an Infographic CV?

It is best to use an infographic CV when you are using it to showcase the skills that are directly related to the job you are applying to. They are a great way of proving your creative skills and are usually used for applying to more creative jobs and industries. You can also upload your infographic CV on your LinkedIn profile and it will revamp your entire profile and give it an extra sparkle. However, if you are sending in an infographic CV then it should be very professional and well-made. You should also read the requirements in the job description to see whether they have specified the type of CV you should send or if it is up to you. Here are some jobs that an infographic CV will work at:

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Art Director
  3. Art fields (painter, fine arts, etc.)
  4. Content Creator
  5. Marketing
  6. Brand Management
  7. Social Media Manager
  8. Model
  9. Actor

Creative industries like film and TV and Arts are more open to infographic CVs since they highly value visual aesthetics. Another thing you should remember while using an infographic CV is that it does not account for a portfolio even if you are applying for a Graphic Designer job, you will have to send in your portfolio as well and not just the infographic CV.

If you are applying for a Marketing or Brand Management job with an infographic CV, it is best to research the company and look up its other employees to get an idea of the company culture. If it looks professional then you should refrain from using an infographic CV, however, if the culture looks laid off then an infographic CV will be appreciated. You can also include both, a traditional and an infographic CV, in your job application so that the hiring manager has no complaints.

Benefits of Using an Infographic CV:

  • Help you Stand Out: Hiring managers look at thousands of resumes and having an infographic CV suddenly come in front of them, serves as a great break from all the cookie-cutter CVs. Since a small number of people use this CV, the hiring manager will remember your application distinctly and you will have developed a connection before you even meet them.
  • Shows your Creativity: If you are applying for a creative industry then what is better than your CV, itself, displaying all your creative skills and abilities. It will make all the skills you have written in your CV appear credible and verified. This automatically puts you one step ahead of all your competitors.
  • Showcases Accomplishments: All the graphs and charts that infographic CVs use, showcase your skills in a way that they are easily visible. All the information will be delivered to the hiring manager with just one glance. They will not have to read the whole CV to learn about you, the graphs, icons, and charts will display it visually.

The Downside of Infographic CVs:

Although infographic CVs are great, sometimes they are not necessary and might ruin your chances of getting a job, especially if the company is going to use ATS scanning to rank the applications. Since infographic CVs contain graphics and images, the ATS has a hard time reading them and they are discarded before they even meet the hiring manager. So, if the job description does not specify that you can use an infographic CV or if you do not know for sure that the company you are applying to does not use ATS, it is best to stick to the traditional style CV.

Infographic CVs are a great way to distinguish yourself from the sea of candidates and they amazingly showcase your skills. But, using infographic CVS might come with a risk and it is best to consult a professional CV writer in Pakistan before you make a decision. If you are going with an infographic CV, make sure it is functional and has all the relevant information. Make it professional and avoid using too many types of fonts or colors, keeping it minimal yet incorporating your unique style in it is the way to go.